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  Okay so a friend of mine said I should blog and you know what I think I will! I have been known to have a rampant case of verbal diarrhea for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term it basically just means if it pops in my head it shoots out my mouth. As a 29 year old you would think I would have this under control but nope as my Mom once told me”you started talking when you were 3 and haven’t shut up since!”. My 4 brothers can attest to this.

             As an attempt to get this continuous flow of words out of my head I send it out to all of you in the blogosphere. My latest flow of words has currently left my head as is usually the case when trying to harness my thoughts so I shall blather on randomly until a train of thought arrives at the station. I have been reading others peoples blogs of late trying to a get a feel for the genre.

           So then just had an idea apparently Starbucks will now serve wine after P.M. although unfortunately not in my area. Well I am not particularly a wine person but this sounds quite interesting. It opens up a few questions such as well are they prepared for the lushes who no longer have to go to a bar but can now hang there? Personally I would find it highly amusing to sip my coffee and see how many glasses a friend could purchase before they refuse to serve them. Do they provide the baristas with training to tell when a customer is getting snockered? Do they get a bonus for cleaning up vomit filled sinks and toilets? Then how do you tip? Do you tip for a coffee server or a bartender because you all know we tip bar tenders more. Will the wine be of a high quality or are there going to be box wine (ewwww)? Also how does the whole checking I.D.s thing work out they hae a lot of high school and college age employees it seems like an easy environment to slip your pals some wine.

           I’m going to patiently wait for the days when we figure out that Europe has the drinking thing down pat. If you raise your kids to know what something is, what it does and how to respect it helps. How many European colleges do you see in girls gone wild? My point exactly. Then Americas children could use their first few years of college for learning instead of parental funded alcohol testing. So much would be saved by parents and the government. Less student arrest less security needed by bars and restaurants less wasted Pell grants oh the benefits. For a young country we don’t learn very fast maybe it was the effects of prohibition we are still experimenting with alcohol like the college kids lol. Well I am slightly less full of crap so have a good day all.


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