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Thought #29385 Babies

                So today has been a long day. I didn’t fall asleep til 4 a.m. that ungodly hour that I tend to forget exist. Upon awakening this morning (barely) I was promptly bored out of my skull. One of my favorite bored activities is to think about the future and topic today was get ready…babies. Yes that’s right people I do plan on reproducing scary thought isn’t it. Likely within the next 5-6 years because, well I don’t want to hit my reproductive “good by” date. So as I don’t currently have a spouse or anyone on the horizon it looks like I will be going it alone. We all know what this means I have to find a gasp donor. Now I have considered using someone I know but, well as my genes are not sparkly clear in some areas I would like to avoid anyone with similar issues, no poor kid needs a double whammy crazy gene. That left using a sperm bank or donor site so I visited a few of both.

                Now first off I would rather my future child have access to their father either when they are ready or at 18 because we should all be able to know where we come from right? I began checking out the free donor sites but honestly most of the men struck me as creepy, and no matter what they claimed to do for an occupation their bad spelling gave a feeling of a lack of intelligence or a severe lack of fine motor skills. After being severely skeeved out I googled “how much does sperm cost” kind of feeling like I would be hiring an invisible gigolo.

           Well I was happily surprised it seems to run between $300 and $800. Not to bad, so I did some browsing on different sites and was pleased to see there was a wide range of umm inventory. Though in this area of the country I would have to pay a bit more the facilities seem very well established. When trying to “price” my future children I noticed up in one corner an add to cart button. I felt like I was picking up a baby at Sears. It was quite a strange feeling, maybe they should have used carriage instead of cart. 

            So after thinking it through I decided purchasing would be best. There is more guarantee of safety and more legal frame work. I also think my family would find it slightly more respectable than hooking up with a guy I don’t know. Slightly. 




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