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Thought #23701 Why I wish I liked dudes….

Many, many years ago like sixth grade when all my classmates were going crazy over Johnathon Taylor Thomas and Devon Sawa I was a little confused over the appeal. “Oh well” I figured they have pretty hair and proceeded to paste tiger beat  poster all over my room. It took another ten years or so before I could admit that I just don’t like guys. Nope not at all. I tried I really did I dated them and everything!

This made me horribly disappointed in myself  I has failed at a basic biological function, what the hell was wrong with me! My family will be horrified I thought. Well thank God it appears that A.) the majority is okay with it and B.) the others just stick their fingers in their ears and cover their eyes and not so kindly say nothing.  You think this would make me happy but not so much. I want to be able to have my relationships openly and not be the Aunt that shares an apartment with my “friend”. I want to have my Dad who is the best Dad ever in so many aspects walk me down the aisle at my wedding cause what the hell is the point of getting married if you can’t be “given” away.

Before we even hit marriage you have to date ideally you bring these people to family functions and they are introduced and welcomed as “Sarah’s boyfriend Joey”. It would be a cold day in hell before my ex would have been introduced as “Kristen’s girlfriend Jen”  And last but not least children. I want them. I want to have a family. It is so much simpler to do this the hetero way.

I realize almost everyone faces some adversity in life but some one sprung a pretty fair amount on me. This one simple thing ,liking dudes would make my life much simpler but alas I like lasses. We may never be accepted fully into my family and society but should God bless with with the good fortune to find my soul mate I will fully accept them into my heart.



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