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Thought #49202 Why is my mind so perverted?????

For many years I have worried about my mind. Not the whole “holy crap the DSM shit on me” part. The wonderfully immature part that makes the word duty hilarious. The part that makes Flarp entertaining. The part that makes random innocuous words, names and phrases naughty.

Seriously its bad. I think when my brother dropped me and dented my head he knocked out  the filters going in and out. Its well known I have a rampant case of verbal diarrhea, stuff just pours out of my mouth. But on the way in a normal almost 30 year old female can drive by Cumnock Hall on Umass Lowells north campus with out giggling. out loud. on the bus. Now I have surmised there is a slight genetic component (Mom) as some aunts and cousins and such are a tad immature in the humor department. But hell I snort aloud reading stuff online then I try to explain myself but unless I am hanging with my maternal crew it usually whooshes by people. Cant really say over their head it’s more like above their gutters… For instance my friend just got oral antibiotics I proceed to say oral and crack up. But to be be fair I didn’t sleep.

With a gaggle of little ones now in the family am I going to rub off on the younger generation (note: just said rub off)? If it is genetically likely, does it really matter? I mean heck I relieve so much stress cracking up at randomness in my head do I really want to censor my brain? Not really no, I like my twisted mind it is uniquely mine. I wish I could organize it a bit better get a file cabinet or something. Then again if my thoughts were organized would my life follow? hmmm.Scary.Image


2 responses to “Thought #49202 Why is my mind so perverted?????

  1. Ok read your blog, now smile 🙂 I thought you would end with with . Then again if my thoughts were organized then they wouldnt be random ! P.S. have read all your blogs so far. This just my first comment 🙂

  2. Auntie Debbie ⋅

    Did you just blog about some immaturely hilarious aunts of yours? I think ya did and I know you are talking about me again!!!

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