Thought #98475 Maybe life won’t always suck…..

Now don’t get me wrong I have a lot to be grateful for an awesome family some pretty rockin friends and an apartment I can be not ashamed to be seen going in and out of (aka NOT a scuzzy hole in the wall). That is what brought me around to the conclusion that HOLY SHIT things can and do get better! Only took me almost 30 years to get that through my thick skull. Don’t get me wrong I am not going all happy-go-lucky Mary Poppins on you ,I want to shoot that woman’s umbrella out of the sky. Just kinda noticed that there is always more than one option sometimes more than that. For example my building AC had died the other day not a huge deal I will just go swimming oh cripes the pool is closed (lifeguards glass table blew into it). So did I freak out no, no I did not I got a giant glass of lemonade filled the tub up slipped the kindle in a ziplock baggie and had my own private pool I would say Jacuzzi but well even with me in there sadly no bubbles. But quite often alas my life does feel incomplete I need a job of course but I also want my own lil family soon and soon is kinda getting to be a necessity. I love my fur babies with all my heart but some times I want a tiny little human around that will grow up and have an impact on the world granted one never knows what kind of impact that may be… But hey I come from good stock yeah some of it is a tad off those of us that are off make life interesting also there is a very fine line between genius and crazy and maybe my tiny terror could make it to┬áthe less ostracized part of that line. I am 9 months in to my “wait a few years before kids” promise to a friend so only 15 months before really serious decisions come into play. Am I scared? Hell yeah! but I know there are options even there I know some where there is a child they may already be here they may be outta my womb. But you know what whatever God gives me he knows what is best for me and the kiddo. So even with those fears ya gotta push forward cause it is my choice whether things continue to get better no matter what the world chucks at me!